Carpet companies and professional cleaning personnel might suggest that you get a cleaning every year. A few might suggest one every two years, instead. Supposedly, this keeps the warranty valid. In most cases, this is the right call. It keeps carpets clean and well-kept for the long haul.

Some people might not like this. After all, who can remember to do that when a full year or two have passed? For that matter, who wants to spend that kind of money? Times are tough, and many will assume they can just vacuum the dirt away.

Is that true, though? Is a vacuuming just as good as a professional carpet cleaning?

Vacuuming isn’t enough. This isn’t saying that you shouldn’t vacuum your carpets. The simple fact is that while it’s good for maintenance, it isn’t going to get tougher or older stains out.

Steaming the carpets yourself tends to be hit or miss. You might not know how to do it properly or lack the right equipment. In these instances, you’re more likely to damage the fibres than you are to clean them. That will set you back more than just getting a professional cleaning job will.

Now, we will confirm that if you want a deep cleaning, professional steam clean is the way to go. It should probably happen more often than you think it does. It also requires maintenance on your part to maximize the impact of the cleaning.

Namely, vacuum weekly – if you have pets, do it more often. Take your time and do it slowly, because rough vacuuming can harm the fibres. Take any rugs out regularly.

Spills and stains? Blot them as soon as you remove the cause of the stain. If you wait too long, that’s going to be a problem. This is standard procedure, and there are only a few exceptions to this basic rule.

If you can, pick a carpet fibre that’s not prone to gathering dust. Yes, there are differences in the fibres. Some of them are easier to clean, while others are less likely to get dusty in the first place. Ask questions.

You should also consider the many advantages of a professional cleaning job.

First, there’s less hassle. You don’t have to do it yourself, so you can sit back and just let professionals handle the issue for you. Less effort on your part and you’re getting an assurance that it will be done properly.

You’re also spared the need to procure the equipment. Most people have vacuum cleaners. What most people don’t have are the tools to steam clean a carpet.

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