Types of carpet cleaning

Floor carpeting remains a consistently trending floor decor for commercial establishments. It is economical, comfortable and uplifts the firm’s visual appeal. However, the carpet is prone to inevitable wear and tear over time which calls for its regular care and maintenance.

Professionals of commercial carpet cleaning companies follow a well-defined procedure to remove contaminants residing both on the surface and those embedded deep within the internal linings to retain the carpet’s durability and revive its aesthetics.

The Types of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Available

There are various categories of commercial carpet cleaning available depending on the type of your carpet. The differences lie in the techniques and set of cleaning machines used for the purpose. Given here are the usual choices for businesses when it comes to carpet cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning technology or precisely dry carpet cleaning (Perth) process is also known as ‘VLM’ systems or ‘very low moisture’ systems. It sometimes behaves faster and less labor-intensive than wet- extraction systems. After the pre-treatment jobs (where detergents break the binding of soils and materials), the dust, stains, grit, sands, allergens and the light materials are sucked by this dry cleaning technology. This cleaning process involves the use of specially made machines that clean the carpets and left no moisture behind. Nowadays, chemical developers create new carpet care technologies. The manufacturers recognize the clean carpets as more long-lasting than badly maintained carpets.

This technique involves using a cleaning solution or foam into the carpet that adheres to the bottom part of the carpet. A special cleaning machine is used to apply the substance that is designed to attract dirt, grime and dust trapped within the fibres. After allowing some time for the foam to absorb the contaminants and dry up, it is vacuumed to remove all the dirt, bringing the carpet back to life. The Dry Carpet Cleaning technique could be applied to all types of carpets.

HWE (Hot Water Extraction)

HWE carpet cleaning technique uses a combination of pressurised hot water and cleaning agents to remove the embedded contaminants. It is advisable that professional cleaners carry out this method to prevent damages to any carpet fibre and safety hazards. A similar technique called Steam Carpet Cleaning exists that is carried out at higher temperature than HWE. One of the benefits of the HWE technique lies in its use of low temperature that makes it safe for specific carpets.

Shampoo Cleaning

This technique has gained popularity over the past years. Here, the accumulated contaminants are removed by spraying method and then a machine is used to shampoo and scrub the carpet for an on-the-spot cleaning. After letting the dirt settle, it is vacuumed up, leaving a fresh look on your carpet.


In encapsulation cleaning, synthetic detergents are applied on the carpet that on drying crystalises into power, and in the process, encapsulates the dirt particles into the dried foam. Then a rotary agitation machine is used to isolate the dried powder on the carpet, which is later vacuumed or brushed. The process is undertaken daily for up to a week for the best result.

Encapsulation is the preferred method over shampoo as the former uses less water during carpet cleaning and brings down the drying time in comparison to the shampooing method. The foam encapsulation method is also supported due to its use of environmentally-friendly products resulting in less chemical residue after completion of the cleaning process in comparison to shampooing. However, due to its technological limitation, the encapsulation method is unable to clean heavy soiling carpet thoroughly.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a quick and convenient method to clean carpets that are in good condition. The technique uses low moisture for cleaning the surface fibres and does not go deeper into the layers within. The method involves the application of cleaning agents diluted with water on the carpet. Next, a bonnet machine vacuums up the dried crystals of the cleaning agent from the fibres.


Industrial vacuum cleaners are very long-lasting and strong enough. People have different types of jobs and according to their requirements the size of industrial vacuums will matter. But when the specifications are matched with the requirements of people, this product will give the best performance. The industrial vacuums absorb little grain powder, dust, a big piece of scrap, etc. But the main thing is to decide whether people need a dry vacuum or wet vacuum. Both have different types of jobs. While dry vacuum sucks light materials, on the other hand wet vacuum is mainly used for moving dense and heavier liquids.


For the pre-treatment dry cleaning solutions, the stain removers are very important to choose according to the carpet, as the stain removers are different for different types of carpets. There are varieties of stain removal products for large areas of carpets, for delicate carpets(for this type of carpets stain removal powders are used), etc. The stains of coffee and tea are very hard to remove. But the exothermic carpet dry cleaning process removes this type of stains also. White vinegar, dish soap and water are very helpful to get the old stains out of the carpet and make the carpet neat and clean.


It is a process in which the fibers of the carpet are shifted back and forth by the special carpet brush. When the job is completed, the fibers are restored to their original size. This process is only for the carpet benefit. To clean the dust, grid, etc. And the important thing is to understand that there is a distinction between when a grooming rake should be used and when a brush will work best. The carpet fibers are very necessary for many instances also. At last, we can say that the grooming process will increase the life span of the carpets.

How Frequent Should Carpet be Cleaned?

Since commercial areas vary in sizes, the spaces taken up by carpets can differ accordingly. The following factors need to be taken into account before devising a schedule.

  • Workspace scale
  • Carpet types
  • The extent of foot traffic
  • Carpet dimensions
  • Type of business
  • Type of compatible service

High-end cleaning services like Hot Water Extraction, Bonnet Cleaning or Encapsulation would require meticulous planning while simple washing or vacuuming calls for more frequent visits. The kind of service opted for would also impact the schedule.


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