When cleaning out a carpet, time is of the essence! Letting the source of a stain linger and sink into the fibres is a good way to make the cost of your next carpet cleaning Perth go up. It’s advisable to get the source of the stain out fast, and then work to remove what’s already there.

Now, here comes the fun part. We can all safely admit that some stains are much tougher than others. There are a few really easy ones. There are also these five. These five are the hardest, most annoying ones to remove, for one reason or another.

Let’s begin with wine or grape juice stains. Everyone loves a nice glass of wine. What no one likes it when it spills and stains.

Wine stains can work very fast, particularly with fibres that are red or purple. If you don’t work quickly, you could be looking at the permanent damage. The wine tends to seep into the fibres at a fast pace, so it’s important to get them out as soon as you spot them. Don’t spread it or give it time to dry!

Blood stains can be hard to remove. This is especially true if the source is a loved one or family member since your first response is to treat the injury, giving the stain time to set.

Blood, like juice, tends to penetrate fibres quickly. They also leave a dark stain once they’ve had time to dry. Cleaning the surface of any blood when it’s still fresh is ideal, though if you can’t, you’re better off calling professionals than trying to get it out yourself.

If you drink coffee, then you know that coffee stains are a nuisance. The stains tend to be yellow or brown, and it’s challenging to remove. If you need to do this yourself, vinegar and dishwasher detergent are a good mix to use. They minimize the damage.

Ink tends to be difficult to remove. If you don’t do a thorough job, it’ll ruin your carpet or rug. Ammonia to weaken the stained area and then a steam rinse is a standard.

Much like blood, ink is best removed by professionals.

Bodily fluids, including vomit and excrement, can do more than leave a stain. It can also cause a persistent odour that’s foul, noticeable, and hard to remove. Baking soda can help remove the moisture and reduce the smell, but you will require a professional deep cleaning to be sure.


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