Sometimes, carpets smell. When it gets bad enough, you might even call for a steam cleaning Perth to hopefully get it out.

This is a good idea. A steam cleaning can break down most problems, and take the smell away along with them. However, sometimes it can require a bit more work. Work that may vary based on the cause, but that we’re happy to provide all the same.

Today, we’ll be breaking down the most common causes of a smell coming from your carpet. Also, we’ll give a few ideas on how to counter them, if you can’t call for a cleanup right now.

Sources of Smell

Is there a smoker in the house? If that’s the case, then you’re going to have a smelly carpet.

The odour of cigarette smoke tends to linger. It clings to clothes, to hair, to skin, and even carpets. The homeowner might not notice it due to exposure. However, outsiders will certainly pick it up and more than a few will comment on it.

Unfortunately, if the smoking is excessive or persistent, you’ve got no choice but to replace. A good cleaning might get it out, but it’ll come back unless the habit gets kicked.

Is there a damp spot? Maybe one that’s exposed to a leak or water damage? That’s a cause, too.

Moisture under the carpet can cause musty odours to emerge. Humidity, spills, and even potted plants can make it worse. If you’ve had a flood, that’s another cause.

This is something that’s touchy. Mould and mildew are likely presents, and that’s a health hazard most cleaners won’t touch. It’s best to remove that first, then get a cleaning. The area also has to be checked to make sure the source of the moisture isn’t still there.

Do you have pets? Do they use the carpet as a litterbox? If yes, then the smell will linger. Dry cleaning is better because a lot of these only get worse with a wet cleaning.

Finally, if the carpet is old, there might not be any help it.

Fibres break down with age and wear. As you step on it, walk on it, or even sleep on it, they get worn down. As time passes, it begins to smell. While it’s certainly possible to revive an old pile, it isn’t easy.

A cleaning can’t remove the smell of old age. For that, you’re looking to just replace it.


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