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There is nothing like a good leather piece in the room. Unless of course it is dull and starting to crack. Are you tired of buying new leather items every now and then? Looking for a way to keep your leather clean and protected for a long lasting shine? Stop looking elsewhere and call the best in the business!  Call Carpet Cleaning Perth today!

Being Perth WA’s top carpet cleaners, another one of our specialties is cleaning and protecting leather.

Why waste your hard-earned money to buy toxic detergents that are doing more harm to your skin and leather than any good. Avoid hiring cheap professionals or harmful cleanser for a DIY leather cleaning; it will only makes things worse for you and your leather items.

Carpet Cleaning Perth WA is one of the leading cleaning service provider specialising in professional leather cleaning services. Only if you want your leather bits and pieces to be cleaned to perfection, give us a call!

Safe and reliable method 

Keep your leather completely clean and protected

With a superb method for leather love you will be giving your leather the best refreshment possible. We apply our professional grade leather clean cleanser to release any of the dirt, grime and soils present on the surface of the leather.

Leather furniture and upholstery can easily elevate the standard of any room! However, leather products can be pretty sensitive and requires regular and careful maintenance. Give it to the wrong hands or leave it neglected, its quality will deteriorate quickly. If you have leather furniture or upholstery products give it to a specialist.

With a superb method for leather cleansing, we will be giving your leather the much needed cleaning for a satisfying result. Our professional grade leather clean cleanser is eco-friendly, toxin free and releases all kinds of dirt, grime and soils present on the surface of the leather effectively.

Our services are very safe and affordable and can be used to successfully revitalise every piece of your leather for a greater look and feel.

Following we apply a comprehensive conditioner to revitalise the leather pieces for a great look and even greater feel. Only cleaning by hand, we promise a delicate yet still dazzling dream finish.

Get value for money services

A specialised solution with satisfying outcome

We take great care and pay extra attention to details in order to deliver the finest cleaning outcomes for a value for money service.  You can also avail our highest quality leather protectant to help retain the conditioner and hydration of the leather, making sure the pieces don’t begin to crack or dull. If you want your leather items to not just look clean but last a long time, you know whom to call!

A great finish guaranteed.

After the initial clean, our cleaners apply the highest quality leather protectant. Doing so helps retain the conditioner and hydration of the leather, making sure the pieces don’t begin to crack or dull once again.

Feel confident knowing your leather will last longer with the ability to resists spills and stains long enough for you to clean them up before the natural material soaks them up and the leather needs cleaning again.

Trust the professionals.

Forget using the same old detergents you got from the supermarket in attempt to look after the leather yourself. Sure it makes the leather shine, but it is likely doing more harm than good due because of the poor properties within the cheap cleaning products.

We are fully licensed and insured and offer a team of highly experienced and skilled leather cleaning specialists to take care of your leathers efficiently. For any kind of leather cleaning and protection needs give Carpet Cleaning Perth a shot! We are your best bet for any professional cleaning solution.

Your best bet, therefore, is to hire professionals like ourselves here at Carpet Cleaning Perth. We have the right skills with the right products to spark up those dulled and unattractive leather pieces, and bring them back to lovely leather luxury the right way.

The cleaners for all things leather.

Leather can come in an array of all shapes, sizes and colours boasting a beautiful furniture piece regardless of the design, the season or its use.

Whether it be your favourite recliner or the family lounge suite, call the experts of Perth for an utterly fantastic job like no other. With leather cleaners who strive to impress at a price you won’t be able to refuse.

Love your luxury leather, and it will love you back. You can call us on 1300 881 865 or fill out our instant free quote form.
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