Carpets are great ways to accentuate a home or add a touch of class to a room.

The trouble is that sometimes, you’re not sure what kind of carpet to get. Did you know there’s more than one type? Not everyone knows that there’s more to carpets than just what we consider. There are different kinds, with details that can help or hinder a cheap carpet cleaning (Perth).

First, let’s talk about how carpets are made

On the one hand, you have the loop style. These use loops of the fabric, which causes it to stand up. You often find these in areas that see a lot of footfalls and traffic. The little loops are attached to the backing. The design is stain-resistant, but it doesn’t cushion too well.

There’s also a variant where the loops have different heights, giving a different texture. This is more of an aesthetic choice.

The other way to make a carpet is the cut pile method. Here, the tips are cut so there aren’t loops. The result is something denser and softer, but carpet cleaners Perth usually have a tougher time getting stains out of them.

Cut pile does come in more varieties than loops. Plush carpets are smoother and more formal. Saxony has more body, but footprints tend to linger on the surface. Textured cut uses uneven lengths, giving it a more rough presence. Cable is the most comfortable underfoot.

When it comes to materials, you also have a lot of choices.

Personally, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a carpet steam cleaning, I suggest nylon. It’s durable and wear-resistant. On its own, it doesn’t do well with stains. However, the treatment to make it stain-resistant is a cheap investment.

If you want something that can handle the outdoors, use olefin. It resists mould and mildew, which are clear dangers in areas with high moisture. It isn’t as comfortable as nylon, though, because of how strong the fibres are.

Good old wool is also an option. Durable and stain-resistant, it’s also eco-friendly. And it’s also one of the easiest to clean, as long as you don’t let the stain linger.

Finally, there’s acrylic. This has similar properties to wool but is a lot cheaper. It’s also harder to find.


Wool carpets can be expensive. As the only natural material used for carpeting, it commands a high price tag. However, it’s also hard to argue against it being the best possible option. The softness, the quality, and other properties make it the king of carpet fibres.

Wool also brings stain resistance, which makes them harder to get dirty but also easier to clean. That isn’t to say that they don’t need maintenance. Wool still needs a good cheap carpet cleaning once in a while.

However, you don’t need it often. This is particularly the case if you know how to care for a wool carpet properly. Given the price tag on one of these, it’s in your best interest to know the basics.

With that in mind, let us help. We’ll dispel some common misconceptions about the proper care of a wool carpet and give you the cold, hard facts.

First, there is no problem with wet-cleaning a wool carpet. The use of a wet extractor for carpet cleaning, they say, will damage wool fibres. This is blatantly false.

Wool is a type of hair and can be cleaned with water just like any other kind. If done properly, you’re not going to damage the carpet at all. You only need to worry if you don’t know what you’re doing. In such a case, any carpet could be damaged, and you’re better off with a professional carpet cleaning.

On a related note, wet-cleaning does not cause wool to shrink. Cold or lukewarm water can both clean carpet safely. You will not shrink them, though you might want to avoid using too much cleaning solution. Wool is highly absorbent, after all.

No, a wool carpet does not turn brown when cleaned. Over-wetting a carpet can cause discoloration, but this applies to any carpet.

You do not want to use bleach. Bleaching dissolves the wool and does irreparable damage. Anything that contains bleach will damage the carpeting. This is true both for pure wool and for any carpets that have a mix of fabrics.

Finally, the faster a wool carpet dries, the better. Letting it dry “at its own pace” is not a smart idea.


Are you thinking about getting a good steam cleaning? If so, you want to have the best carpet cleaner Perth has to offer on the job. To give you an idea of what we can do for you and how reliable we are, look at our process.

You’ll see our standard procedure for the typical cheap carpet cleaning Perth job. With us, you will no longer have to deal with stained or imperfect carpets.

We start the road to a clean carpet with moving furniture. It is more than just the carpet itself involved. We move out the furniture to give us room to move without breaking or risking anything. All furniture is moved over to the side.

With a clean space, we begin with vacuuming. Not all instances require a pre-vacuuming, such as if you called for a steam cleaning. A vacuuming can remove dirt and particles that are loose within the existing fibres, making it good preparation.

We conduct a spray treatment. This involves a light spray over the carpeted area with a mild detergent, decreasing moisture resistance. By doing this, we chip away at oily or sticky residue.

We also handle a spot stain removal. Over two decades of experience helps us provide the best, most effective stain removal and cheap carpet cleaning Perth have ever seen.

After this preparation work, we get started on a steam cleaning. Using adjustable pressure, we break down the particles and tear down the steam. This gives your carpet a deeper, more thorough cleaning that also rinses carpets of chemicals used.

As you can see, our process does not trigger any allergies. We use only chemicals and cleansers that are safe to use in homes. No residue will be left in the carpets.

Finally, we move back the furniture. Anything we moved away gets put back where it belongs, so you don’t have to do that yourself.

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