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Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning companies are essential. A standard commercial cleaning service is not suitable for places such as factories, chemical plants, and similar locations. Anything on an industrial scale will have areas that require special attention or have hazards and specifics that are challenging.

No one approach fits everything. A cleaning strategy for a car factory will differ from one where paints are mixed and processed. This means that you want a team that can adapt as they work, professionals that can clean as they go and think on their feet. All of our personnel are trained in the general safety procedures. They understand how to work with things such as heavy machinery, metal shavings, fibreglass, toxic substances, and more.

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We also train them in the use of the most common specialized equipment needed. We also provide access to chemicals and cleaning tools that are used for industrial facilities.

When you call us, we ask that you inform us of any special procedures you want to follow. The same is true of anything sensitive we might encounter, such as machines that require special care or areas that are restricted to specific types of cleaning.

Cleaning staff with us are screened for skill and for good health. We understand that industrial cleaning is a difficult endeavour, with many physical demands. We make sure that our teams are healthy, so they can better perform their jobs. Their work can expose them to hazardous substances, so healthy cleaning crews are important.

Industrial cleaning is more difficult than commercial work. There is a matter of scale. There are also specifics that only become a concern in industrial work. Call us, because we have the expertise.

We make sure our team is aware of all the standard safety procedures. We request advance notice of what to expect. This includes any special equipment needed or processes you want to be followed. We also require warning of hazardous chemicals and other risks that are present on-site.

A general cleaning of all areas is also provided. Basic maintenance tasks are also included, such as the disposal of rubbish bins and following existing recycling procedures. Supplies such as toilet paper and containers are also covered.

The work can be scheduled as needed. We are available to work once a week, once a month, or on a daily basis. We can also perform emergency cleaning procedures or intensive annual deep cleaning, upon client request.


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