Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are two different methods for cleaning a carpet. A good carpet steam cleaning Perth can give your floor fibres a new lease on life. A dry cleaning can do the same, though. Both accomplish the same goal through different means, but is that the only difference?

Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are popular methods. There’s quite a bit of debate on which is better than the other, in some places.

Just what are the pros and cons that come with one method and the other? Well, give us a moment and we’ll break it down for you. With a little bit of help from us, you can figure out just what the right carpet cleaning method is for your home and needs.

First, let’s acknowledge that a steam cleaning is quicker to dry and you can get professionals to handle it.

Steam cleaning takes less time to dry. The power of the machine used to do it also makes it more effective in some instances. The increased power can get more detergent into the carpet, as well as have more suction for the water. This means you need less time to dry, as there’s less water.

On the other hand, a dry carpet cleaning means you’re not spending as much time waiting.

The process uses dry compounds and solvents. These are put on the carpet, breaking down soil, debris, grime, and other sources of stains and flaws. It’s called dry, but it does rely on a bit of moisture to get the job done.

Floors can be used within a shorter time after the cleaning. This means that if you’re in a rush, this is the faster method of the two.

Steam cleaning is not something you want to do on your own. It requires hot water, a rented machine, and detergent. It also means you can wait as long as 24 hours before the carpet is safe to walk on again.

Ground-in stains can reappear after a steam cleaning. Commercial cleaning solutions might be able to remove these, but some stains are tougher. You might need multiple treatments if that’s the case.

In contrast, dry cleaning has almost no drying time. It’s effective because it uses chemical agents right away and can be modified to just target specific spots, rather than the whole thing.

Chemicals used for dry cleaning can e harsh. This means that you might find the carpet fibres discoloured or damaged by their use. You’ll want to consult with the professionals doing the job before anything starts. Responsible crews will conduct a spot test before starting.

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