We understand that the bathroom is not your favourite place in the house to clean. It can be messy, germy and even smelly. But what if we told you by adopting a few daily habits, you could clean this room less often, and it will be way easier? These are just a few things that people who have clean bathrooms do every single day.

They always empty the trash can. Even the smallest amount can make a room smell terrible and look cluttered. Patty Vila says that instead of letting garbage pile up, she empties her trash can every day in the bathroom.

1.  After they have washed up, they spray the shower walls.

You’re now so clean and fresh, so why not give your shower that same treatment? Avoid using vinegar on natural stone surfaces. However, it would help if you still squeegeed tile after your shower. You can save time by removing excess moisture.

2.  When they go to the bathroom, they turn on their exhaust fan.

Womanantics blogger Surabhi Surendra, does this first when she enters her bathroom. After that, she turns off the fan and goes to bed. She explains that this helps to keep the bathroom’s air fresh. Plus, it keeps mildew at bay.

3.  They will do the most disgusting chores before they can become big chores.

You can wipe off the soap from the countertop at the end of each day before it hardens and makes it more difficult to clean. Amy Metherell suggests that you tackle the most inaccessible spot in your bathroom every day. She says, “I pour some baking soda into my toilet and scrub with a toilet brush.” It’s fast and easy because she does it often.

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