One of the most comfortable parts of the home is the couch. It’s also something that can be a challenge to clean, especially if the upholstery is similar to carpeting or rugs. Well, to help you with your couch cleaning needs here’s a great process for it.

Take it step by step, in the order presented. This will give you a good, thorough cleaning. Though it still pays to have a professional come in and do a cleaning once in a while.

First, you want to vacuum. A hand vacuum is a good choice. If you don’t have one of those, a regular vacuum with a brush attachment works too.

You should make sure to get all the crevices. These are the corners and areas where pet hair, crumbs, dirt, and dust tend to pile up. If the cushions can be removed, take them out and vacuum both sides. A lint remover might be a good follow-up.

Next, you need to clean the frame. Whether it’s wood or metal, a good wipe down is your next move. Get all the non-fabric parts, using whatever cleaning solution works best.

Look at your cushions and upholstery. What kind of fabric are they?

Depending on the fabric, what you use will vary. For some, a mild detergent or dry cleaning is the best choice. For others, your only option is to dry clean. There are some fabrics that can take water, while others are vacuum-only. They’ll come with instructions.

Work on getting rid of those stains.

Let’s face it. At some point or another, the fabric got stained. It’s one of those things that just happens, especially if you host a lot of parties or if you have wild, energetic kids. Depending on the fabric of the sofa or the age of the stain, getting a professional might not be a bad idea.

You’ll probably use water for this step. It’s inevitable since it helps break down persistent stains. If not water, you’re going to be using cleaning products. Be sure to check if they’re the right choice for the fabrics or you might damage the fibres.

Finally, you need to let the couch dry. If you sit on it while it’s still wet…well, that’s just a mess.

Use a towel for soaking up the excess. Most of it will probably be on the surface of the sofa itself. Air dry the whole thing unless your area is humid. If it’s humid, set up a box fan and point it at the sofa to speed things up.

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