Rugs and carpeting are not the same things, though there are many similarities as well.

There are a number of highly efficient and seasoned companies that offer carpet and rug cleaning services in Perth. All these companies follow various ways of cleaning – depending upon the extent of dirt and dust as well as the materials the carpets are made up of.

First, let’s look at the similarities between Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets are made up of the same fibres and have the same general properties. Things like dyes and textures and lushness are all similar. This contributes to the notion that the two are similar and can be cleaned in the same manner. That is a wrong concept. Here are a few differences between the two. When it comes to decorating homes or personal spaces, rugs and carpets are among the few options that have been endured for generations.

Lesser known fact is that their use dates back to the Bronze Age.

With change in choices, comfort level and the cost new and proprietary methods of producing finer, durable, and artistic types gained more acceptances over the traditional carpets and rugs.

Now, let’s look at how the two (Rugs and Carpets) differ:


First, rugs often come up with different accessories. For instance, you’ll want rug pads that keep them secure and in place. This is important because it prevents the rug from being moved inadvertently. This can extend the lifespan of your rug and is essential for keeping it in during its cleaning.

Besides, a rug can be rotated. You can shift the location of the rug from one place to another, to make sure the place that was occupied by the rug gets exposed to sunlight.

Besides, as the rugs can be moved from one place to another, the way to clean them differs from the way a carpet is cleaned. This means, vacuuming a rug is possible only of if you can keep it fixed in its place. Companies offering rug cleaning in Perth also offer the option of sun-drying the rugs after cleaning. This means you can walk around freely, even as you wait for the rug to dry.


Cleaning carpets is a different ball game altogether. Carpets are usually installed wall to wall. This means that you can’t just lift them up and walk around. This poses a unique challenge for the cleaners. Carpets usually need a lot of vacuuming. Depending upon the extent of dust and dirt, you need to vacuum carpet at least twice to thrice a week to make sure you get rid of all the dust and dirt that have accumulated. Carpet not only says about your socio-economic status but also accentuate the look of your house.
Carpet earns its popularity mainly because of the advantages that are associated with using carpets. If compared to other luxurious and eye-catching flooring options these carpets are quite reasonable and pocket friendly. In addition, they come in various colors, shapes and sized that allows them to blend with anything.
The only problem with maintaining carpet is its cleanliness issue. This is because one of the drawbacks of carpets is that they have the ability to catch and trap dust and dirt particle within them. If not properly cleaned the dirt can damage the carpets and also be a health hazard. It is advisable to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. The delinquent thing associated with trying to clean it yourself is that you might not do it properly.

In general, the methods of carpets are different from cleaning rugs. Steam cleaning is the ideal tactic used to clean carpets. It can take a while and is often considered expensive. However, it is an extremely effective process, which results in excellent cleaning and it takes much lesser time than other methods of carpet cleaning. Most importantly, a steam cleaned carpet takes minimal time to dry up. This prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

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