Fibers and Carpet Cleaning Perth

Different carpet fabrics lead to different experiences. They feel different to folks with more sensitive feet. It also has an effect on carpet cleaning requirements and procedures. The effects aren't big, but sometimes it can throw you off if you're used to one over...

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Dry vs Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth

Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are two different methods for cleaning a carpet. A good carpet steam cleaning Perth can give your floor fibres a new lease on life. A dry cleaning can do the same, though. Both accomplish the same goal through different means, but is...

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Couch Cleaning Perth

One of the most comfortable parts of the home is the couch. It's also something that can be a challenge to clean, especially if the upholstery is similar to carpeting or rugs. Well, to help you with your couch cleaning needs here's a great process for it. Take it step...

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