Absorbent Pad Cleaning Perth

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A dry method of commercial carpet cleaning excels at maintenance and is quick, but stalls at some tougher stains.

A carpet steam cleaning breaks down the most persistent problems but tends to take time. This type of cleaning is intensive, and not everyone has the time or the need for it.

If you are looking for something that lies between the two, we offer absorbent pad cleaning. This alternative excels at maintenance and light cleaning tasks and is favoured because of how quick it is compared to other methods.

Absorbent Pad Cleaning Perth
The absorbent pad method is also known as bonnet cleaning in some circles. It is great if you want light maintenance, compared to the more intensive steam or dry cleaning. You can also use it to clean carpets regularly.

Our first step is to vacuum the fibres. This sucks up any of the debris and particles that are present, even if they are not visible. This is a natural occurrence, especially if the carpet sees heavy traffic. By doing this, we give ourselves a clear work space for the next step.

We use a chemical solution sprayed onto the carpet. We prefer to use a hand pump or electric sprayer for this part of the professional carpet cleaning method. We let the solution settle and stay on the carpet. How long we wait will vary based on the fibres and the size of the carpet itself.

From there, we use a bonnet. It is placed on the drive block of a rotary floor machine, allowing us to spin it at high speed over the carpet. This allows the solution to seep into the fibres and pick up any soil or debris within them.

The force of the spin separates the particles. This lets us finish with another sweep of the vacuum, leaving your carpet in perfect condition. When we’re done, you’ll have a clean carpet and only need to wait a short period before it dries. Absorbent pad cleaning is fast and inexpensive, and very simple.

​We highly recommend it if all you want is regular maintenance. It also produces excellent results if the carpet is only lightly soiled, rather than one that’s seen better days.

However, this is not a deep clean method. Other professional carpet cleaning techniques are better for removing deeply-rooted stains and odours. Any dirt, particles, or chemicals that have piled up at the bottom of the fibres will remain.


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