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Don’t wait, don’t let the stains and grime sink in any deeper than they already have. Let us care for your carpet. You can call us to get the best professional carpet cleaning anywhere in Western Australia. Simple…

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No 1 Carpet Cleaning Service in Perth

Do you have a carpet that needs resurrecting? Is there a stain that you can’t get rid of and wish to hire professionals for the job? Our team here uses reliable and practical solutions, and we promise the best cleaning results for your home or business.

We are a leading carpet cleaning service provider in Perth, with a reputation for excellence and delivering the highest quality of services. Whether you need to remove stains from carpets, leather, or other kinds of surfaces, don’t hesitate to call us. Carpeting, leather, and upholstery are all within our abilities.

With our competitive pricing, you can get the best value from our professional cleaning services without burning a hole in your pocket! From ink stains to blood stains, we’ve seen the damage that can be done to carpeting and rugs We’ve learned and developed all kinds of tricks to clean them out, from breaking down old stains to keeping fresh ones from spreading. This knowledge makes us the best carpet cleaners in Perth.

Perth carpet cleaning

About Budget-friendly Carpet Cleaner Perth WA

We’re a local company, not some faceless conglomerate.

Carpet Cleaning Perth WA is a locally-owned business, and we take pride in our roots in the community.

We love working with people in and around Perth, be it homes or offices. Through our ties with the community, we are always striving to build a foundation for better service.

One of the best ways to mitigate customer inconvenience is to let you set the schedule. We don’t have strict times of when we can come in and clean your carpet.

Our cleaning services offer great flexibility and are available as per your convenience and requirements.

By offering a wide range of solutions to resolve potential problems, our expert team ensures that our services aren’t limited to just one type of stain.

Our broad range of services are suitable for both residential and commercial clients. In both cases, we provide knowledge and experience, along with proven precision.

We care about the nature and about the world we live in. Hence, our professional team ensures that all our cleaning products are non-toxic and environment-friendly. .

We believe in keeping the world clean and safe, even as we get rid of stains on your upholstery, floors, and mattresses.

We bring carpets back to life.

Years of use and abuse result in the build-up of foot traffic and grime, which usually go unnoticed.

Our experience and proven track record allows us to handle the most complex requirements efficiently. Our carpet steam cleaning techniques can break down rigid, old and persistent stains. We can clean the fibres without damaging the carpet, bringing it back to its former glory.

Don’t be content with just a faded shadow of your old carpet! Call us, and we will bring a new life to the carpet and your home. We’re only a phone call away.

We promise to not cause damage or desutrction to your carpet in the process.

At Carpet Cleaning Perth WA, we believe that a job well done entails more than the primary task. We believe that the client has to be satisfied with the result. Sometimes, you can get the stain out, and the client still won’t be completely happy – it happens. We take pride in doing a thorough job in the first process itself. With the aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we are willing to perform a re-cleaning in case you’re dissatisfied.

carpet Cleaning Perth

Carpet Cleaning

If you need one or more stains removed, our carpet cleaners can perform an effective and thorough cleaning to remove such stains. We’ve seen it all, stain-wise. Spilled red wine that spilt and has been on a shag carpet for as long as anyone cares to remember;something that the dog left behind and nobody never really got around to cleaning;  or a blood stain from little accidents or kids playing rough; such stains need to be broken down and steam–cleaned, or can be wiped away with the right solutions.

carpet Cleaning Perth

Leather Cleaning

We also provide excellent and safe methods for leather cleaning. Our specialists guarantee an excellent finish on leather materials. Does your carpet or other surface have an odour problem? We are ready to take on the challenge  and leave you with a cleaner, nicer-smelling environment. Rug maintenance and care services are part of our offered package. We can bring even the most worn-down rug back to life, drawing on our expertise and years of experience. Apart from carpet cleaning, we can also remove water damage marks. From preparation to removal and restoration, we can work, so the fabrics mend.

carpet Cleaning Perth

Water Damage Restoration

Our cleaning crews are superior. With years of experience, better tools, and high expertise, our carpet cleaners in Perth are better than most experts operating in the market. Our team members undergo rigorous training to gain an in-house certification, and hence, you can rely on their expertise and capability to cater to your needs. No matter the nature of the stain or grime, we can deliver the best results. A good carpet is an investment and an addition to a lovely home, and with our help, you can care for it better.


Absolutely thrilled with the clean. Our carpets look great and smell even better. Big thank you to your team.
Ashley M - Sorrento
Will definitely be using your services again. I was not let down in any way, and all expectations were met, if not exceeded.
Richard P - Clarkson
Thank you for your fast service. These guys saved me from having to scrub like crazy to try and get my stains out before a house inspection. ​All of the boxes were ticked from the inspectors.
Wendy A - South Perth
I can easily recommend Carpet Cleaning Perth to anyone. I have used them many times, with each being as good as the last.
Tracey C - Mount Lawley
Our home is spotless. More thn happy to let the kids roll around on the carpet, couch and tiles however they feel. The reassurance of how clean everything is, is simply bliss.
David P - Scarborough ​

Why choose us?

  • We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service.
  • From the moment you contact us to the time we pack up and leave, our cleaners are courteous and helpful.
  • We’ll answer your questions, take utmost care to do things right, and make sure everything is as hassle-free as possible.
  • Our planned and organized cleaning services for upholstery ease interaction and communication with our staff/experts.
  • Do you have something that you think is a challenge?
  • We love a challenge. Most companies won’t want to touch anything that’s too out there, strange or difficult, but that’s not the case with us. Give us a challenge, and we’ll enjoy the process of figuring it out. It could be room size, the complexity of the task, or even time constraints. If you have a sticky situation on your carpet, call us to handle it.
  • Our assistance is prompt, efficient, and unbeatable.
  • Assistance provided by our carpet cleaners is prompt, efficient, and unbeatable to help you in every way possible. Apart from a professional cleaning job, we can also advise you on how to better care for your carpeting.
  • We guarantee that our service is hassle-free. Our years of experience enable us to get things done faster and better.
  • Our service is outstanding, and we service all types of fabric.
  • Mould and mildew are also right up our alley. We make use of superior tried-and-tested methods that promise to remove stains once and for all.
  • Additionally, our professionals technicians can handle cleaning tiles and grouts. We send an expert team for the job and help you get rid of the stress and hassle of doing it all by yourself.
  • Give your rugs and carpets a deluxe treatment with us. You spend all day walking on them and enjoying their comfort. You may not always notice any stains or a loss of support. Let us restore them to their originality, making them the luxurious plush surfaces you deserve to have. No more uneasiness while walking on them and damaging them.
Based on 15 reviews
Tiberiu Diaconu
Tiberiu Diaconu
Trev is a great guy to deal with. Professional, on time, great quality. Very happy overall.
George Farrugia
George Farrugia
Very professional, reasonably priced, very friendly guy, actually came early, would use again!
I highly recomend Trev. He turned up on time, clened my carpet really gooe quality. He has good value for price. I would use his carpet cleaning services again.
Alex Wilcox
Alex Wilcox
Best service
Rupinder Kaur
Rupinder Kaur
Really good service i am expressed from their service
Stephen Kay
Stephen Kay
Arrived on time and did an amazing job on cleaning the tiles and grout on our outdoor kitchen area. Years of grease and grime disappeared before my eyes. Highly recommend these guys.
Cindy Bell
Cindy Bell
I highly recommend Trev at Carpet Cleaning Perth - very reasonably priced, punctual, courteous and the carpets came up like new!! One very happy client. Cindy B
Paul Grant
Paul Grant
Great service thanks
Alex Wilcox
Alex Wilcox
Carpets are clean as a bean! very happy!
Jessica Scarpello
Jessica Scarpello
The most unprofessional ever. I really needed to schedule a carpet cleaning service and the established day nobody showed up. The reason? ''I couldn't find a parking''. And, I had to call them, nobody gave me any notice. Terrible service.
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